Have you ever dried your own herbs?  Or, more specifically, have you ever attempted to dry sufficient herbs over the spring and summer so as to keep a supply in your spice rack all year round?

I tried this last year.  And with some of the more esoteric herbs I grew, I dried an elegant sufficiency, more than enough to last for twelve months. But with my primary culinary choices, those being thyme, rosemary, marjoram, basil and oregano, every leaf I could get my hands on without killing my plants still was not enough.

And so the cycle begins again, this time with a little more planning. Extra plants have been purchased this spring. And as soon as stalks were long enough I collected an entire trug full and tied them in bunches in our utility room to dry.

One lot of oregano is already in the jar.  And a wonderfully aromatic mix of oregano, marjoram and basil has been hung to dry just this afternoon.

This pattern will be repeated every three weeks or so right up until the start of September, when I finally allow the plants to keep some growth to protect them over the winter. And hopefully, with a bit of luck, a following wind, fingers crossed and a minor miracle or two, I might just have dried enough!