We awoke this morning to the sound of lawn mowers outside. Contractors to the local housing association cut the grassy areas around the estate where we live with huge, petrol-fuelled monstrosities that always seem to make too much noise and take too little care.

I tried to complain to the council about the mess they made once. All I got told was they were subcontractors of contractors and thus there was nothing the council could do. “Try talking to your landlord” was all they suggested. I have yet to make that particular call.

And this morning they’ve been out again, and with no regard for wet weather and soggy grass following yesterday’s rain they’ve chopped and strimmed and cut all the random grassy bits down into some semblance of tidiness.

I’ll get into my garden later on and clear the clippings from the fence edges, and perhaps do some weeding, tying and staking of rain-limp plants while I am at it.

What the lawn mower guys or their managers or whoever makes the decisions doesn’t seem to realise is that the grass is all limp right now, lushly growing and flattened by the rain. So even their petrol-driven monsters won’t have cut the grass properly and within a week it’ll all look overgrown again.

I, on the other hand, will wait until my grass is dry. My eco-friendly, hand pushed mower works superbly for what I need, it doesn’t churn anything up, it doesn’t create noxious fumes and above all doesn’t wake anyone up.  Sounds like an altogether wiser idea!