So a general election has been called. The Prime Minister thinks its a good idea to test the will of the people regarding brexit, and her premiership.

To be honest I don’t like her.  I don’t know many people that do. She is too much like the “Milk-Snatcher” of my childhood.  But I’m not surprised that she’s done  what she’s done.

I will vote in June of course. I even am fairly certain who will get my vote. But….

But there is a but. There is always a but. I am tired of seeing nothing but politics covered by every media format I see. From my facebook feed to the redtop papers in the barbers shop, politics dominate discussions.

Some people want the Tories to go and champion Corbyn as the next PM. Others think this ballot will mark the end of the Labour party as we know it and result in nothing  more earth shattering than an overdue resignation by Corbyn and a Conservative consolidation of power. Some think the SNP will take every Scottish seat . Others think the Conservatives will capture several seats back. Some want Plaid Cymru to rise from the Welsh valleys or Lib Dems in English heartlands. Others think that UKIP will do better.

I have heard all the arguments. And they tire me. More than that, they bore me. I don’t want to feel bored of politics but there you go.

Don’t get me wrong, I am angry at many of the actions of Ms May and her government.  But more than anger, I am so very, very tired.  I am tired of the rhetoric and tired of soundbites and tired of all the shouting and arguing and childish-sounding slanging matches.

I want to be engaged in debate, be a responsible citizen, do everything we’re all supposed to. But more than that I just want June to roll round so I can put my X in a box and be done with the whole circus and rid myself of what promises to be a 6-week headache.

Am I alone in this? I very much doubt it.