What if…?

What if people hadn’t died?

What if it had been Dumfries town hall, or Leeds town hall, and not the Palace of Westminster?

What if the perpetrator was not a muslim?

What if the perpetrator was a Christian, a white guy, an atheist, a Belgian who was angry about brexit, a Scot who was angry about (in)dependence?

What if that policeman had run the other way?

What if a politician had been killed?

What if it had been a massacre of hundreds?

What if we didn’t sensationalise the horror but instead collectively prayed for peace?

What if our instincts had driven us to every church, synagogue, gudwara, temple, monastery and mosque to gather in respectful silence, remembering?

What if we didn’t blame, but instead left it to the authorities to seek justice?

What if we lived a life of forgiveness?

What if we didn’t hate?

What if we remembered that we are all human, thrown together on a tiny ball of rock, and decided, for a change, to love each other?

What if the archbishop of Canterbury was the one person we wanted on our TV screens right now?

What if we love?

What if we cry?

What if we are tired of the blame game and tired of the culture of fear?

What if we just want to live and let live?

What if we stopped letting the media tell us what to think?

What if……