Another morning blog,  following on from yesterday’s daft questions. But what I am thinking today is more about thought itself than yesterday’s fun.

It seems to me that it takes the thinking part of my mind far longer to wake up than it takes my physical body to get up. I can therefore be sat at the breakfast table having an apparent conversation and not a single thing is going in.

I know there is a change in brain states between sleeping and waking. That much is obvious. But I don’t know much about how I – we as human beings – actually wake up. It doesn’t feel instant, as I often am aware of whats going on and feeling awake in my mind even though my body doesn’t want to move. So part of my mind ‘wakes’ before my body.

But why then can I not think clearly? Why do so many people need to follow routines of eating, drinking coffee, smoking, putting light boxes on, orcjust taking time to ‘be’ before they can answer or debate any of life’s complexities? What is it about complex thoughts that stop us doing them successfully first thing upon waking?