One of my favourite authors is Katherine Kerr.  Her Deverry Series spans 14 books and over 1,000 years of fantasy history in the mythical lands she created.

The first line of the first book, Daggerspell, reads thus: “In the hall of light, they reminded her of her destiny.”  The last line of the last book, The Silver Mage, reads, “He sank down into the dark prison and slept.”  In between it covers magic, reincarnation, humans, dwarves, elves, dragons, wizards, mercenaries, and more fantastical flights of imagination than could possibly be described in one short blog. It is a story series to get your teeth into, to settle down for a good few weeks reading at the very least.

I am sure, having got this far, that my usual readers will  be a bit puzzled. I don’t, after all, normally do book reviews. Why, then, have I written what amounts to such a thing?

One pleasure you get from a good story is escapism.  Whether its an old dusty paperback, a kindle ebook, a film or a game, if its got a good story that captures and engrosses you it can take you far away from mundanity. And whilst I acknowledge that the here and now can be fun, can be healthy and can be necessary, it can also drag your mood down and sap your energy.

If I had to describe an ideal cold winter’s day it would involve a good brisk walk through crisp fields and frosty lanes in the morning, followed by hot soup and a good book in the afternoon.  The walk would ground and centre me. The book would make my imagination take flight. The walk and book both would lift my spirits, in different ways.

A good work of fiction of any format can be a blessing and a resting place for a weary mind. It can be used simultaneously as an escape from your stressors and a way of recharging enough to deal with them.