Saturday. A rare lie in for my hubby and I. No stress about getting up, and nothing to do.

The reason for our peace is that we cancelled our weekend plans due to the weather. There is no snow here where we live but there is plenty on the southern uplands and since we would have needed to drive across them, we decided not to take the risk. My hubby has been stranded by a freak snowstorm before, which makes him understandably very reluctant when it comes to taking risks with the weather.

Our thoughts turn, as they naturally would at breakfast time, to food. But we have decided to designate today as a fast day (we are following the 5:2 diet), and so rather than just eating whatever takes our fancy, we find ourselves wondering what would work within our calorie limits.

The ideal food is one that tastes good, fills you up, is satisfying to eat and has next to no calories.  I would call that a superfood. But as any dieter knows, such a thing does not exist. People call foods high in particular nutrients superfoods. Things like goji berries, pomegranate and now, facebook told me this morning, black pudding??!  My sons would likely class things like pizza, curly fries and southern fried chicken as being ‘super’ foods. But right now, foods that will stop me feeling overly hungry or narky and yet come in under 600 calories for the day would be super to me.

We are going to enjoy our Saturday. Both our sons are out with friends. We’re probably going to drive to the nearby beach, or the forest, (or even both), and enjoy some hot tea and pleasant scenery.  And we do have sufficient food plans to keep our cravings at bay. But none of them are in the least bit ‘super’.