Near to our home is a hill called Criffel. Its not very high – definately a hill, not a mountain. Millions of years ago, Criffel was part of a huge volcano. But as far as I can tell by reading complex geology papers I don’t really understand, it would have last erupted more than 350 million years ago.

Today, Criffel looks rather weird. Snow has fallen on it, lying in a patchy white blanket all over the summit and down to the tree line. And the pattern of the snow looks for all the world like flowing white magma erupting from a volcano.  I would have included a photo to illustrate what I mean but the summit of the hill and the clouds behind it are merging right now.

The snow was meant to cover our village completely. Village old boys assured us the main road would likely be too slippery to drive up, unless you had a tractor or a 4×4. The Met Office issued several warnings. And we duly cancelled our weekend plans and stocked up, just in case things got bad.

But Murphy’s law – or Sod’s law if you prefer – is hard at work proving that even the Met Office gets their warnings a bit skewed now and then.We aren’t going to resurrect our plans now – the weather, if I am being honest, is still too unptedictable. Things could change. Things could be very different just a few miles away.

But its ever so slightly frustrating that the only snow we can see is the eruption-shaped cone on Criffel.