Do you ever look at the weather warnings or weather forecasts and wonder what they will really mean?

A case in point are the snow warnings recently issued by the Met Office.  We are supposed to be taking a trip this weekend that could face massive disruption by the snow.  But I have seen such warnings come to nothing before and don’t know what this snow forecast will do to the roads.

So, do we continue as normal and find ourselves stuck overnight in our car in a snowdrift? Or do we cancel and find the snow is nothing more than a salt and pepper shake that melts within hours?

I know nothing can be certain here, least of all with snow.  That, of course is why they issue the warnings – to point out that they cannot be certain and force you to think about the possibilities.

It doesn’t make it easy to decide. And of course the weather is a fickle beast that could dump a blizzard on us unawares anyway.  But I want to continue with our weekends’ plans of visiting friends further north from here. I don’t want a poxy weather forecast to get in the way of a fun weekend with friends.

The whole thing just makes my head spin.  I am certain that whichever decision we make, it will be the wrong one. We go, we get stuck. We stay, the snow will pass us by. Sods law at its best.