It was the winter solstice today.  The shortest day/longest night of the year.  Technically we had 7 hours, 10 minutes of day time today in the place where we live in southern Scotland.

It was a day of celebration for some, those people who follow any one of a vast number of pagan, wiccan or similar faiths and spiritualties.

It was a day of sadness, commemoration and sorrow for others, being the 28th anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster, which happened not far from where we live.

It was the start of winter today and a day of dread for those people who because of conditions like arthritis cannot cope with frost, snow, strong winds and heavy rains.

It was the last day of school before Christmas for many children and young people, a day that marks the start of festive celebrations.

The winter solstice has so many meanings for so many people.  For me, though, my favourite is a description from Doctor Who of all things, the title of this blog, half way out of the dark.

Today is the last day that the nights get longer.  Tomorrow and every day subsequent, all the way to June, the nights get shorter. Less darkness means less SAD. We are halfway through, and that is a cause of celebration for me.