I am trying to follow the fast day diet (also known as the 5:2 diet). Some days don’t go according to plan but on the whole they have been a success. I certainly have lost several kilos in weight and have, with a bit of luck, left ‘obese’ behind and landed happily in the simply ‘overweight’ category.

Weight gain, and weight loss, have been challenges for me for most of my life. Put simply, I gain too easily and lose very slowly. I have tried virtually every diet going, with varying degrees of initial success, but the fast day diet is the only one I have stuck with long term.

The reason I think this diet works for me is simple. I need to have days each week where eating cake, ice cream and jam on toast is totally acceptable. But I need a diet I can be on all the time. Quick fixes do not work for me, a diet has to be a lifestyle. But not having jam, or cake, again fills me with horror.

I am eating today, even though its called a ‘fast’ day. Its not really a fast in the traditional sense of the word, its more a ‘much lower calorie than normal’ day. In my case, a 600 calorie limit. I have sausages and peas lined up for my tea and I am looking forward to every single morsel.

And tomorrow? My alarm is set for 6am and a very big breakfast!