I have made a resolution. Some may say its a foolhardy resolution. But I have made it and I intend to stick to it.

I am stopping reading or following the news. I am no longer getting updates on my phone from my favourite newspaper website. Serious news stories shared by friends on facebook will be skipped over. And television news will remain firmly off.

People who are aware of my political leanings, and who have had even the remotest connection to the outside world, will no doubt presume correctly when they guess the reason for my resolution. The sensational reporting of right wing politics is scary and for anyone with even remotely left wing leanings, is enough to put someone with the strongest stomach off their dinner. And I do not have a strong stomach.

I am fed up of being afraid of things I have no power to influence. Even writing to every single one of my elected representatives will not do much to reduce my fears. A lone voice in the House of Commons or Holyrood is still a lone voice.

I want my biggest fear to be vine weevils in my flower pots. I want to read things that cheer me up and make me laugh when I go onto facebook. I want my biggest dilemma to be whether or not I stick to my diet today.  I want to be able to move from hour to hour, day to day, without succumbing to the horror show the media feeds us. And for as long as Trump and Brexit fill the headlines, the news will feel far too horrific to stomach.

In time, of course, my view will change. We are entering what could be a long, cold winter. So my resolution will stick for several months at least. But ask me in the spring, when Easter is around the corner, when all the current speculation gets proved right, or wrong, and the media circus has moved on. Ask me then and I may have changed my mind.

But right now? My sanity is too important. The news remains off.