Its been far too long since I wrote a blog. Longer still since I wrote one that was publishable. ‘Joseph’s diary’ has been gathering dust since the end of March this year and before that it was August 2015 when I last posted.

I think blogging is something that its easy to fall into, or fall out of, the habit of doing. A blog simultaneously bares your soul to the world whilst shielding you safely behind words on a screen. It can be easier to write than speak. It can be even easier to compose unthinking or unfeeling or boring words, things no one except a relative or lover would charitably read.

So, why now? What do I have to say about current affairs or my current experiences that have not already been said by thousands of others? Why do I need to add my thoughts to the growing pile, when others more literate, more witty, more funny, more insightful than I have said all I wish to say and more about Trump, Brexit, winter weather, benefits, Corbyn, dieting, etc. etc.?

The answer is actually simple.

Individuals count.

Me. Just me. That’s who writes this blog, who shares these thoughts, who fills up yet more bytes of data on www.

It is, more than ever, essential that each of us see the individual behind the story. Give the statistics a human face, give the demon and the demonised a human story.

I don’t know how to feel about Trump or Brexit.  I think I am upset and confused about both to be honest. I am a traditional socialist whose teenage hero was Arthur Scargill and the way that millions of people have resoundingly right-shifted their political stance quite frankly baffles me. I feel like a dinosaur who fell asleep just before the meteor hit and woke up to find myself in a new and strange world.

I am worried that this winter will be a very cold one. My biggest fear is blizzards. I don’t trust the medium term predictions though, and the MET office is, as per usual, rather quiet about the forthcoming season.

As for the rest…. I worry what the DWP are going to attack next. I think Corbyn could easily fracture the Labour party completely in two if he isn’t careful. And I hate having to follow a weight loss diet when there is so much nice food to eat.

And I am going to continue to blog. Individuals need to keep speaking, even if it seems no one is around to listen. Someone will hear us, eventually.