If a person attends a church (the Roman Catholic church, for example), which denounces equal/gay marriage, and is invited to a gay wedding, should they go?

If they then accept the invite and go, would their minister or priest be angry with them?

If their minister/priest does get angry with them, does he have a right to do so?

If the person who attends is a minister/priest, what then?  Should they accept the invite or not?

Is it right to continue to attend a church that denounces gay marriage if you don’t also personally believe that gay marriage is wrong?

If you’re gay and planning your wedding, would you invite all your friends, or just those who are either not of faith or who are members of affirming faiths/denominations?

If you’re transgender and marrying someone of the same gender, would a transphobic person regard your wedding as being a ‘gay’ wedding or a ‘straight’ one?

Do you care if a transphobic person therefore ligitimises  your wedding in this way in their own minds or does this just serve to piss you off further?

If you’re gay and married, and are invited to any sort of event at a church which denounces gay marriage, should you accept the invitation?

What about blessings, or the use of the word, blessing?  If you’re a member of a church which does not yet permit the celebration or blessing of gay marriage in their buildings or by their ministers, is it okay to use, or write, the word ‘blessings’ in a greeting to a newly married gay couple?  What if you’re a minister – is it one rule for them and another for the rest of us?