There is something about being ill with three different illnesses, combined with being only eleven days post-op from some pretty major surgery, that brings the definition of discomfort to a whole different level.


You know when you say you’re uncomfortable because your shoes are pinching/your belt is too tight/you’ve been rained on and your shirt is damp/ insert mundane reason here?  No!  I no longer will allow myself to call those things uncomfortable.  They pale into insignificance compared to my current level of uncomfortableness.  You can call them uncomfortable if you like, but for me, they no longer count – they no longer register on my uncomfortableness scale simply because they are just too easy to deal with.


I’m not in pain, before you ask.  Pain is different.  Pain can be dealt with by taking suitable medications, and with the right doses of the right painkillers, it usually can be persuaded to go away.


This is discomfort.  Horrible, annoying, skin-crawling uncomfortableness.


Firstly, like I said, I’m only eleven days post op from having abdominal surgery.  Although it was keyhole, the wound sites are still pretty sore and are bruised like nothing else.  Plus I’m still tender internally from all the poking around they did.  Secondly, I have a cough and a cold and phlegm and a load of lovely gooey stuff in my lungs and throat (nice).  Thirdly, I have really painful wind and bowel problems.  And finally, the icing on the cake, so to speak, I have urticaria (AKA hives).


So I’m bruised and tender.  I’m coughing and sneezing.  Thirdly, I can’t go too far from the loo.  And just to add insult to injury, I’m covered all over in a red, raised rash, that comes and goes as it pleases, periodically covers me from scalp to toes (and everywhere in between) and causes an almost irresistible urge to scratch the hell out of it.  And to make matters worse (if they could be worse), I have no idea what the trigger is and so I’m reluctant to take any of the usual remedies I would turn to for a cough, for wind, for aches and pains, etc.


I have to repeat, though, it’s not pain.  Pain would make sense.  Pain would be deal-able with.  This is just utterly frustrating, uncomfortable and annoying, and serves primarily to make me tetchy and irritable and snappy at my loving, well-meaning family who are trying to help me.


So yes, I’m experiencing a pretty significant level of discomfort.  And I hereby issue a blanket apology for everyone I’m going to offend by snapping and being unreasonable between now and when I feel better.  Just don’t say you weren’t warned…..