I’m in a weird place right now.  I’ve got a stack of things I really, really, need to be doing – things to do with college work, with a committee I volunteer on, to do with my church, in my garden, and so on and so forth….. but I’m finding it really hard to face any of them.


It’s not that I don’t want to do the things I’m avoiding – far from it – but when I plan on picking up a text book or looking at an email or I intend to begin to draft a document, I find something, anything, more interesting.  Tonight was a case in point – a whole hour of playing Spider Solitaire.  My excuse at the time was that I couldn’t decide where to start – but I know logically that making a start on any of the tasks I’ve got on my to-do list would be better than keep putting them off.


To quote Mary Poppins, after all, ‘what’s begun is half done’.


But I’m not Mary Poppins, I don’t have a carpet bag, inexhaustible or otherwise, and I am most definitely not Positively Perfect In Every Single Way.


So, where do I start?  Tomorrow I have a relatively clear day – my partner is the one with the busy schedule.  I’ll have several free hours, both at home and in a comfortable cafe in town, to get on with some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to do.  One thing is clear of course – I can’t avoid everything for too much longer or the stack will grow arms and legs and become a monster of unassailable proportions.


I’d prefer to fight it into submission while I still have the chance.